Real Property Transactions

Residential and Commercial Property

Whereas some smaller law practices specialize either in commercial or residential property transactions and disputes, at Tobin & Associates we have extensive expertise in both residential and commercial real property law. Also, between our decades of experience in Florida real property law and our multilingual staff, we confidently cater to both domestic and international clients.

Purchasing Real Property

The Purchase Agreement, signed by the Buyer, is the most important document involved when purchasing real estate. This document governs exactly all the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the transaction. Before signing, peruse the agreement with a real estate attorney to make sure the language is clear and to see which terms you may negotiate to your advantage. Retain our attorneys to determine how best to take title to your property, to examine the title to ensure it’s clear and without any outstanding encumbrances (i.e., liens) which could delay or halt your transaction. We will insure the title, disburse all funds, ensure execution of the closing documents, and record all documents to the Public Records.

 Selling Real Property

Many people are told that they don’t need an attorney to sell real property. However, for a relatively nominal fee a professional can save you time and alleviate worry. An experienced real estate attorney will handle buyers’ contingencies for mortgage financing, property inspections, title defects, as well as closing documents and figures. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to retain an attorney to represent your interests in any real estate transaction.

Refinancing Real Property

If the current real estate cycle has taught us anything it’s that there are serious, long-term consequences to mortgaging real property. Using a real estate attorney, who is well-versed in mortgage financing options and terms, will help you navigate the best possible mortgage terms and conditions. In general, having an attorney handle the title and closing will also give you more control over the transaction.

Leasing Real Property

Leases seem standard, so many people think they cannot be changed or amended; however, the truth is they can be. As they say, the devil is in the details, and small changes to a lease can yield big consequences. This can be of great value when entering a landlord-tenant relationship.  A real estate attorney will review your proposed lease and identify which terms may be negotiated in your favor, and which terms should be of particular concern to you.