Title Insurance Claims

Title Insurance

With nearly 20 years of experience handling title insurance claims for the Florida title insurance industry, we have represented virtually all of the statewide title insurers in both contested and non-contested matters.

We strive to resolve claims smartly and efficiently, remaining sensitive to the needs of the insurer but always mindful of our duties and loyalties to the insureds.

Litigated Claims

Contested matters represent a wide range of claims, including co-counseling with foreclosure counsel to address defective mortgages, dealing with forged instruments and the rights of bona fide purchasers and lenders, litigating adverse possession claims, and defending the insurer in coverage disputes.

Non-litigated Claims

Not all title claims involve litigation. In fact, our overriding goal is to avoid litigation whenever possible to minimize expenses and unpredictable outcomes.

We have developed a network of investigators, location consultants, surveyors, and appraisers who help to effectively resolve claims involving breaks in the chain of title, boundary disputes, omitted grantors and lenders, subordinations and probate matters.