Real Property Disputes

Foreclosure Litigation

In the last six years we’ve seen a deluge of foreclosures in both residential and commercial property. Unfortunately, we expect the fallout to continue for several years to come.

If you are a property owner facing foreclosure, your unique situation will determine how a real estate litigation attorney will handle your case. Whether buying time to modify or refinance your loan or short sale or even to defend a case on its merits, a trusted real property attorney’s deft knowledge and insight are invaluable.

Likewise, if you haven’t been paid on a mortgage loan due to you, our real estate attorneys will take on your case and produce the best possible outcome.

Contract and Escrow Disputes

It’s difficult to predict when another party to a real estate transaction may have a change of heart or financial position. With escrow deposits at risk and property rights in the balance, a real estate attorney with transaction and litigation experience is a great asset in contract and escrow disputes. While most disputes do ultimately settle, the question is: How will they settle and when? An experienced real property attorney will navigate the process with you and resolve the dispute to your best interest.

Title Insurance Litigation

Many people don’t realize the breadth and scope of title insurance matters. Title insurance coverage is complex, involving different rights and obligations for each party. Hiring a knowledgeable real property attorney is imperative should you find yourself faced with the possibility of title insurance litigation. It’s a very small world in the title insurance community, and we know the players and the companies involved.